trigg house inc - our mission statement


The mission of Trigg House is to strengthen individuals within a supportive living environment in which assistance is provided with educational attainment, job readiness, development of financial independence; and the maintenance of both physical and emotional health to foster empowered individuals who will be self-sufficient and meaningful contributors to our society

Trigg House, Inc. is a not for profit 501(c)(3) organization established in 2006 to address the needs of emancipated foster care youths.  This underserved population is expected to succeed on their own long before their peers of the same life stage with less skills and personal support.   At present Trigg House plans to initiate its program within New York City to assist young adults emancipated from foster care that do not have a stable living environment and are between the ages of 18 and 21.  Trigg House participants will be offered comprehensive case management services targeting: education, employment and housing permanency.   In addition both physical and emotional health are targeted and each participant will be required to have current medicals and dentals; and to participate in group or individual therapy to address transitional issues from foster care to adulthood.

At present Trigg House has secured programming space in Harlem and we are actively identifying and securing space for residential living for its participants.