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Tanzanian Orphanage Needs Your Help!


Now, you’re probably reading this article from your phone, tablet, or computer. Take a moment to count your blessings and be grateful for the things you are able to obtain. What may seem like a small necessity to most can be an extreme luxury to some.

This past summer, Trigg House founder Cathleen Trigg-Jones went on a community service trip to Tanzania and discovered an orphanage that truly touched her soul.

Having been in foster care as an infant, I was deeply moved by a local Tanzanian orphanage where the children had so little and need so much,” said Trigg-Jones. “Something as simple as a cow can provide daily food and nourishment for these children.”

While Cathleen and her family did purchase a cow named “America,” the reality is these children need a lifetime of support through additional livestock, supplies, renovations, overall support, and more.

That’s why Trigg House is asking for your help this holiday season. Your donations will go to directly to the orphanage to provide immediate help.

Livestock donations positively impact child health and nutrition.

Not only will another cow for the Ntoma orphanage take a ton of pressure off of their beloved America, but she will also help provide more than enough milk for the babies, helping to generate additional funds from the sale of any excess milk, as well as helping the orphanage to generate sustained income for its operational needs.

It is said in Hindu tradition that there is no greater action than the gifting of a cow. It is believed that at least one cow should be donated in a person’s lifetime.

International animal donation programs have become an increasingly popular way for people living in developed countries to transfer resources to those living in developing countries.

These children have already been through so much, and no doubt will have to overcome many hurdles in their young lives. But let’s have a heart and do our part.  Make a difference this holiday!

To make a donation today, please visit

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